Trevor Muir

I have seen time and time again a hidden brilliance in the students I encounter in my classroom. For too long this brilliance has been stifled by a system that represses creativity and innovation with rows, textbooks, and lectures. But I am part of a tribe of people working to unleash the potential of every student we encounter by rethinking and retooling what this system looks like.

I am a teacher.

That’s why I teach students with project based learning. And give keynotes, workshops, and write about my work in the classroom and how effective authentic education can be. I presented a TED talk at Tedx San Antonio called “School Should Take Place in the Real Word,” and my work has been featured in EdWeek, The Huffington Post, and WeAreTeachers.

I am the former senior editor for School Leaders Now, and am currently a professor at Grand Valley State University.

My beautiful bride is named Alli and we have a boy named Jack and little princess named Piper. Their favorite activities are pointing out rocks and riding our golden retriever Zeke.

School should not be boring. Life either.

John Spencer

I’m a former middle school teacher and current college professor on a quest to transform schools into bastions of creativity and wonder. I want to see teachers unleash the creative potential in all of their students so that kids can be makers, designers, artists, and engineers.

I have a crazy belief that all people are naturally creative. Too many people have believed the lie that there are certain “creative types” who are the exception to the rule. But we are all creative. Every one of us. And we can tap into this natural creativity when we embrace a maker mindset.

Over the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with teachers all over the world sharing  practical strategies for how to make this happen. In 2013, I spoke at the White House about the future of learning — one that empowers students to be creative thinkers. Currently, I work at a university helping new teachers grow into innovators and change-makers.